• 27.02.2017

    Spring is just around the corner and there’s a whole slew of exciting events from Berlin’s digital creative industry and cultural sector awaiting you. Our collective platform, spring berlin, gathers and presents them all.

  • 24.02.2017

    We are looking to fill an internship position in the Volunteer Management team for the eleventh re:publica, beginning in March. Candidates should be enthusiastic and interested in topics focused on the internet and digital society. 

  • 13.02.2017

    We welcome Carolin Emcke, recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 2016, as speaker at the #rp17. The journalist and author has dedicated herself to the challenges of our time: to make art the antidote to hate.

  • 08.02.2017

    Felix Stalder, the Swiss professor and researcher for digital culture and network theories, has dedicated himself to the interrelationship between society, culture and technologies. At #rp17, he will be speaking about algorithms.

  • 02.02.2017

    The Call for Participation for the eleventh edition of the re:publica came to a successful close on Tuesday. We had a total of 1050 submissions reach us from all around the world. We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time. 

  • 31.01.2017

    We are currently looking to fill a 5-month internship position in the press team, to begin immediately. You should be enthusiastic and interested in topics focused on the internet, digital society and be prepared to support the editorial desk for re:publica. 

  • 26.01.2017

    This is our ultimate reminder: On 31 January 2017 our Call for Participation for re:publica 2017 ends. Rien ne va plus. Hurry up, we are looking forward to your submissions!

  • 24.01.2017

    Roboticist Lisa Winter is flying in from the Bay Area for #rp 17 and she’s packed her BattleBot LadyBug.

  • 17.01.2017

    Heads up! The final deadline for submissions for the #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN at the #rp17 is coming up on January 31st. We look forward to all of your ideas surrounding the topic of fashion, textiles and technology.

  • 13.01.2017

    A new year, a new round! The re:health conference track is back again and ’re looking for your ideas and projects regarding the digitalization of health.

  • 12.01.2017

    How are people radicalized online and what can be done to counter the process? These are the questions that Peter Neumann grapples with: as a sought-after terrorism expert and political advisor he looks back on an intense and arduous 2016.

  • 11.01.2017

    Perceiving shifts, being empathetic –Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist, thinker and rp speaker has passed away at the age of 91. An obituary.