Call for Participation: It is High Time!

This is our ultimate reminder: On 31 January 2017 our Call for Participation for re:publica 2017 ends. Rien ne va plus. Hurry up, we are looking forward to your submissions! re:publica 2017 will be a wonderfully diverse festival – after all, you are helping to provide a variety of core topics. In addition to classics like Politics & Society and Arts & Culture, there will be a whole range of topics and sub-conferences, which we would like to remind you of.


music: We would be happy if you could help spread the word about re:publica music within your community, especially for music! Whether you're doing research in the field of music, running a music-based project, or working in an exciting music startup - we want your ideas! 

re:blog: The re:blog track looks at media formats such as blogs, vlogs and podcasts and illustrates how they are a reflection of the wide diversity within our society. Presenting aspects of relatable, day-to-day life or opinions on specific topics can be highly polished and professional or intentionally “DIY” - but community participation is always a significant factor. 

science:fiction: Ideas, debates and issues all around the topic of Artificial Intelligence, from fantastic futuristic visions to specific applications in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our new science:fiction track aims to explore the potential of science, technology and research. Send us your concrete VR and AR projects as well as your visions – we are looking forward to them! 

#FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN: The #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN is a stage for makers and actors who have dedicated themselves to the intersection between gadgets, hacking and fashion design: the emphasis is on workshops for tinkering and building, but project lectures and talks are also an option. Inspire us with formats that bridge the gap between technology and fashion.

FinTech: The FinTech track explores one of the fastest developing and most realms of technology today: the advent of financial technology, commonly abbreviated to FinTech. Focusing on reimagining and redesigning processes that have been essential to human society for centuries, few trends in digitalisation have as much potential to disrupt long-standing power structures as FinTech innovators do. 

Find everything you would like to know about the Call for Participation over here.

Photo credit: Martin Abegglen (CC BY-SA 2.0)