Study world-wide – going abroad with DAAD – in person or virtually!

As the world's largest exchange organization which facilitates stays-abroad, the DAAD will for the first time exhibit at the re:publica.

By granting scholarships, DAAD has access to the best study and research programs. We are embracing 'Love Out Loud' and uphold diversity, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Thereby we support the goals of the foreign culture policy and education, the national science policy, and development cooperation.

With professional alumni projects, launched under the motto 'Science meets Economy', DAAD delegates alumni from developing and emerging countries with representatives from a scientific and economic background. This concept entails the attendance of the alumni at a week-long seminar in conjunction with a following conference or exhibition visit. Alumni from the University of Neu-Ulm and the UP Transfer GmbH from the University of Potsdam are participating in the current project 2017.

The University of Neu-Ulm addresses the development of e-learning units under the topic 'eHealth Africa', with audio and video capabilities, made for hospital staff in African countries.

UP Transfer GmbH from the University of Potsdam focusses on idea- and knowledge generation techniques with its topic 'Innovative Approaches to Global Public Challenges' from the fields of 'Design Thinking and Theory U' by C. Otto.

You are welcome to attend the presentation of the seminars: re:publica * 7th of May, 2017 * 5pm * Room T.

Afterwards, the topic 'Connected Learning in Higher Education - Do's and Don'ts in a global classroom' will be discussed. Be part of it!

You are interested in doing research or in studying abroad, too? Then head to the DAAD booth at the #rp17 for a free consultancy.

photo credit: Ausserhofer/Himsel/DAAD