#rp17 Programme Update March: First Edition

The sun is beginning to warm up again, the birds are chirping and it’s starting to smell like spring! #rp17 is less than two months away and the programme is already filled to the brim with great ideas set to inspire you to think one step further. That’s all because our programme team has spent the last weeks digging through digital mountains of submissions and is now ready to present the first early bloomers. The curators will let you in on why this year’s re:publica will be yet another highlight.

Neda: “The re:learn track is focused on the intersection between digitalization and education, teaching and learning. Fascinating sessions on media literacy, cloud schools and new educational formats await you at the #rp17. You’ll be able to discuss great projects in the Lightning Talks, where current international collaborations between schools and models of participation for students will be presented. In addition, we’ll also be questioning the role of universities and colleges: how can the institutions keep up with digitalization?”

Michael: “In the re:health topic track, we once again highlight new approaches in health and healthcare. At the #rp17 we’ll be discussing data protection in the context of health 2.0, amongst other things. We’ll also be considering the question of what democratic healthcare with DIY technologies could look like, as well as checking out genetic tests on the internet.”

Jule: “Silicon Valley in Germany? Or which ideas do we have at our disposal in the Trump era to break new ground in the net economy? Steven Hill, columnist for Die Zeit and Handelsblatt and author of the book “The Startup Illusion: How the Internet Economy is Ruining our Welfare State”, will be discussing this issue with Outfittery founder Anna-Katharina Alex and others in the business & work track. Speaking of Silicon Valley: we need more female founders in the tech industry! Dr. Claudia Neusüß from compassorange and Dr. Katharina Schiaderig, co-founder of DigiSitter, want you to join them to develop ways of making this a reality in their “Creating a Feminist Silicon Valley in Berlin!” design thinking workshop”. The workshop will be part of the politics & society track.

Helene: “In the science:fiction track we’ll be doing a reality check and seeing which visions of the future from the past have already become a reality. We’ll be crossing through business worlds, literary universes, art communities, attaching sensors to cows, learning more about space suits and discussing Black Mirror visions.”

Jenny: "In the re:blog track we’ll be discussing how science is communicated with you and the community, as well as what new perspectives there are in storytelling and food blogging. We’ll also be providing some live sports and are already looking forward to the panel discussion."

The motto track Love out Loud needs more space! And we’re going about making it. We will be engaging with people, organizations and projects in a warm atmosphere to draw up what we can do against hatred, violence and injustice. We look forward to internet love stories, diverse social concepts, the power of positive people and much more.

More from our other tracks coming soon.