re:publica TEN Wins At The German Design Awards!

re:publica TEN's mirror themed design was communicated in print, advertising, and trailers and permeated the event space with some imposing installations at STATION Berlin. #rpTEN's visual appearance has now gone on to win at the German Design Awards by the German Design Council in the category Communications Design, subcategory Event. We are so very happy for our design team!

Throughout the years, the visual identity of each and every re:publica has been very important to us. We remember nature's abundance at INTO THE WILD in 2014 and the hint of airport design in 2015's “Finding Europe”. It's wonderful to see the passion we have for design being recognised in this way.

The #rpTEN Motto: TEN = NET

While the mirrors were new at #rpTEN, the principle of reflection has been with us since the very start. re:publica blurs the lines between the speakers on stage and the audience in attendance – interaction is reflection is communication and only through communicating everything with everyone can the whole be understood.


Thus, the theme of reflection became the basis of Norman Palm and Malte Rettberg's (fertig design) visual design for #rpTEN and was brought to life through reflective surfaces, mirror worlds, and the minimalist TEN / NET logo. We also called on all of you to send us portrait photos of yourselves to be used as background images for the #rp16 website. This way, you were reflected within re:publica TEN itself. The theme came alive in our trailer, too: this atmospheric interpretation was the brainchild of JUTOJO's Toby Cornish and Johannes Braun, with sound design by Ville Haimala. Finally, over 8,000 participants experienced the mirrored architecture on location at STATION Berlin. The concept was designed and created by Mathias Lücking. Particularly memorable was the cube installation in STATION Berlin's courtyard, which allowed for very unique viewings and insights. 

Check out the trailer again and indulge in some wonderful photos, which show off the re:publica TEN design, on our Flickr channel.

Logo: German Design Award