Christina Lee

Christina Lee is a writer and researcher originally from the United States and living in Berlin, Germany. She has a JD in American law and an LLM in international law and has worked at NGOs throughout the US and Europe focusing on issues of migration, refugees, and minority rights. She is co-sub-managing editor of the open-source journal Refugee Review and moderates social media for the press review Eurotopics. In 2016, she co-founded the website Migration Voter with Miriam Aced to examine the role of migration in elections and offer an alternative source for people frustrated by vague and confusing coverage of migration and elections. Migration Voter is determined to give accurate, well-sourced information and analysis about elections and migration - so people can make informed decisions and not get taken in by rhetoric that seeks to conflate or confuse.  We see this mission as more imperative than ever, and look forward to discussing our project at Re-publica.