Maker Space
14:45 - 15:45
Your Heart on your Sleeve! Make your message wearable

Short thesis

In contexts where intolerance grows and oppression becomes evident, one has to use and reinvent the tools to show disagreement and trying with love to generate empathy, to stimulate new points of view that promote diversity and equality. We believe that many voices have to be heard and we propose to use the wearable technology as an element that goes beyond simple glowing and becomes a means of communication. Let's use the wearable as an element that can convey a message!

If you have a message to share with the world, come and join us in this workshop! We will show you how to use this technology with a basic sewn circuit as a way to express yourself and take it with you everywhere!


The workshop begins with the presentation of the wearable's universe and how to use it as an object to express your ideas! Soon we will present the system that we developed in which you can write and rewrite your message and detach the electronic part from the clothes when it need to be washed. After the presentation we will start working on your message and finding the best typography to use in your project. When your message is already designed we will start to write it! Do you have the perfect clothing or bag to use as a base for your wearable? Come with it, or use one of our fabric handbags!

Max 10 participants