Maker Space
17:15 - 18:15
DIY CMOS/Lunetta Modular Synthesizer

Short thesis

Synthesizers are one of the most widely used instruments in electronic music. In this workshop, the participants will understand the basics of sound, synthesis and the common parts of a synthesizer. They will also have a hands-on soldering session to assemble a module of their choice.


In this workshop, the participants will solder a modular lunetta synthesizer, that is made using only digital/logic chips like the 40106, 4017, 4069 etc.

Chips included in the base synthesizer kit are:

  • 40106 // As oscillators
  • 4051 // as Multiplexer
  • 4069UB // Buffer 
  • 4017 // As counter or frequency generator
  • 4040 // As Clock or frequency divider


Additional chips / features in complete kit are:

  • Kick drum
  • 4015 // Shift register
  • 4070 // XOR Gate


The synthesizer does not follow eurorack or any other standard. However, it can be hacked to add voltage controlled and can connect to or sync with a eurorack modular.

The participants will be free to patch and tinker with any other modules of their choice after the workshop.

The number of participants for the workshop is limited to 15. There is a sign up sheet available at the Makerspace - first come first serve.

15 € for taking home your own Modular Synthesizer.