Your Visions for #rpEUROPE – The Winners!

The other week we were raffling off tickets to re:publica including travel expenses to those who would write us about their vision for a digital Europe. To all participants, thank you so much for your contributions! Please see all #rpEUROPE visions over here. Since we are hosting events in Dublin and Thessaloniki this year, were were raffling off the tickets to participants from Ireland, Greece and Germany. Now we got six lucky winners, yay! Read more on the winners and their propositions below.

Why did we chose digital Europe as topic? This is part of our re:connecting EUROPE project, which aims at networking the digital society and creating spaces for the exchange of ideas. Thanks to the support by the German Federal Foreign Office, we will be gathering experts, media representatives, international organisations and decision-makers at the re:connecting EUROPE Space during re:publica 2017 to discuss the common challenges and solutions facing activists, founders and artists in Europe. On to the visions for #rpEUROPE:

The Winners from Ireland:

Paul Andrew Dunne sent us a video explaining about a panEuropean platform:

@republica my vision of digital #Europe is one where ppl can access trustworthy, panEuropean publishing platforms to #GetTheFacts! #rpEUROPE pic.twitter.com/1ZdHbe8GV6

— Paul Andrew Dunne (@Shadician) April 20, 2017

David R. Pollard is Innovation Pionier at @RehabGroup and founder at @LearningTechLab. He organises @SWEDUdub and @DigCitSummitIRL.

1 min to go in Dublin! Digital will be a safe, savvy and collaborate environment for learning! Hope to help w. @DigCitSummitIRL! #rpEUROPE pic.twitter.com/MXnP86f4DC

— David R. Pollard (@DavidPollardIRL) April 19, 2017

John Whelan has founded four start-ups. He is a Director at Blackstone LaunchPad and Launchbox Accelerator of Trinity:

Assembling open source building blocks of digital tools to build usable services that generate socio economic benefit for all #rpEUROPE

— John Whelan (@offportal) April 19, 2017

By Daniel Griffin – LAMP / DevOps / ELearning / Punk Rocker / Capoeirista / Alpha-Nerd / digitalcitizen.ie:

My vision of DigitalEurope is inclusive. We're all migrants in some ways. The more of us there are, the stronger we are @republica #rpEUROPE

— Daniel Griffin (@DGdotNET) April 13, 2017

The Winners from Greece:

Maria Dimitrakarakou is software engineer und designer:

Freedom, equal rights, love, respect, travel, opportunities, experience
my Europe :) #rpEUROPE @republica
That's why I really want to... pic.twitter.com/WgPg9yNr7E

— Maria Dimitrakarakou (@dimitrakarakou) April 20, 2017

Sophia Kouz thinks the advantages of a digital Europe for daily life:

Digital Europe can help us meet the challenges of life #rpEUROPE

— Sophia (@sophiakouz) April 19, 2017

Image credit: Violeta Pirnog