We present: The #rp17 team

Who’s behind what at the re:publica? Well, we wouldn’t want to withhold that from you: Our teams for the re:publica 2017 put together a little something (By the way, you can find the presentations of the #rpTEN und #rp15 teams here.)

Team Event

The lady with the party hat on is the one running things. The people around her are responsible for the entire set-up and tech at the re:publica. The event team also includes the management of our partners. But one person’s hand doesn’t get an event with over 8,000 participants up and running – that’s why the event team includes many more hands as well as the helper management. The #rp17 wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of volunteers. 

Team Communication


Always at the pulse of the digital information stream: The #rp17 communication team couldn’t even tear themselves away from their screens for our photoshoot. They present speakers on the website, for example, and ensure that you stay informed about the programme – in both German and English. In the social networks, they keep you up-to-date and answer your questions. And, last but not least, the accreditation of the journalists also falls within their scope of duties.

Team Art


The architect Mathias Luecking, our graphic designers Norman and Malte alias fertig design, and the video specialists Toby and Johannes alias jutojo, have been working together as the Team Art for two years now. This year they gave their all with the rainbow colours: hearts and protest signs can be found on the entire #rp17 site! Last year they even won the German Design Award in the Event Design category for their minimalistic design of the #rpTEN

Team IT

Is always on-hand to help if nothing's working: Internet, email, website or telephone struggles.  

Team Programme


Over 1,000 submissions had to be sorted through and curated. The programme team did it all and compiled a great selection for the motto Love Out Loud! They also supported speakers from all over the world in their travel and arrival.

See you!

Photo credit: private