#rp17 Speaker Steven Hill: Chronologist of the Digital Economy

Steven Hill can be seen as a kind of chronologist of the digital economy. A political scientist, he lives and works as a journalist in San Francisco, giving him a front-row seat to experience and reflect on the effects this area is having on society.

Steven Hill does just that for publications such as the ZEIT, the New York Times or The Guardian. And he has come to a radical conclusion: namely that the internet economy is ruining our welfare state. His first book criticising the digital capitalism of the so-called “Uber Economy” was published in 2015, with the title “Raw Deal”.  His most recent book, “Die Startup Illusion” has just been released. During Hill’s “Future of Work” re:publica talk on Tuesday on Stage 2, he will focus on how Germany could assume a leadership position in the digital economy without repeating the mistakes of others.

This American perspective will be balanced by Anke Hassel, Max Neufeind and Anna Alex. Hill happens to know Berlin very well: he was a Holtzbrinck Fellow at the American Academy in Wannsee in 2016.

We look forward to Steven Hill, whose agile rhetorical strategies one can witness. 


Photo credit: Steven Hill