The Global Innovation Gathering turns five! We’ll be celebrating the anniversary at the re:publica

This year the Global Innovation Gathering community, GIG for short, will be joining the re:publica with over 40 participants from 20 countries. Partners GIZ and StartHubs AsiaBerlin and the support from Mozilla allows us to invite speakers from outside Europe to ensure the re:publica programme encompasses a diversity of perspectives from all over the world.

At re:publica 2017, GIG will once again be taking over the conference stages on numerous occasions during the three days. Just like last year, GIG will host a pop-up makerspace in cooperation with the FabLab Berlin where participants can learn about innovation in hardware, tinker, solder and get their hands dirty in various workshops.

A broad range of talks, panels and workshops on global issues in innovation, making and digital rights will be hosted by GIG community members. These will include projects ranging from the use of the open-source software Ushahidi, for reporting extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, to open citizen data projects in Indonesia, as well as self-made Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Amazon jungles of Colombia and Brazil. The programme also covers current global political developments and discusses various controversial issues, such as the prevailing debate surrounding online hate speech online hate speech and how to mitigate it, in particular in conflict regions such as South Sudan.

The 2017 GIG Makerspace

The heart of the GIG at re:publica 2017 is the makerspace, hosted in collaboration with FabLab Berlin. We will be running workshops there throughout the day, enabling re:publica participants to explore the world of hardware innovation. The makerspace features projects from the FabLab and GIG community, with a particular focus on open health, biohacking, music and FASHIONTECH.

Photo credit: Hakim George Hakim