The First #rp17 Videos Are Here!

We’re recording videos again on Stages 1 to 9, as well as L1. The first clips have already been mastered and uploaded to YouTube. This was all made possible by our fantastic technical team, Upload Minister Jonas – who worked deep into the night – and, last but not least, thanks to the great support from Dr. Sebastian Ritterbusch. Sebastian doesn’t just offer his Podcast Audio Chain “ospac” under an open source license, but also made extra adjustments for us in the last weeks. We’d like to take the time to send out a big thanks for that! By the way, if you happen to have a GitHub account, the ospac repository would be very happy about a star. We’d also like to thank Mark Rump (IFBBW) and Jakob Storm (WECAP), our Heads of Video.

You can find a clip of the founders opening the re:publica 2017 on our YouTube channel as well as other videos, for example, a recording of the entire first day on Stage 1, including the opening keynotes: “Loving out Loud for those who are being silenced”. Enjoy!


Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Zappner (CC BY-SA 2.0)