Dublin Calling! Come to the Round Table on 8 June in Ireland’s Capital!

Last year, we got together with around 200 participants at the first #rpDUB. Our impression: the first re:publica outside of Germany felt almost exactly like the first re:publica in Berlin. There was lots of room for discussion and a great exchange with the Irish digital community. re:publica moves beyond just the event, becoming a network and an attitude – and we want to ensure a sustainable strengthening of this network.That’s why we’re inviting you – artists, (internet) activists, entrepreneurs and founders, to the round table on 8 June in Dublin beginning at 5 p.m. at The Stag’s Head, 1 Dame Ct, Dublin 2. Without the participation and backing of the community, the re:publica wouldn’t be the unique event that it is. So stop by and bring your ideas with you. Some of you may have already been at the first #rpDUB or the #rp17 (more on #rpDUB) – your feedback on the events is more than welcome. We’re open to any and all interested parties – whether you’re a newbie or a re:publica aficionado. Here you can find also your facebook event.

We want to discuss your vision for a digital Europe and face the current challenges – be they gender rights, human rights, affordable housing, the digital economy or net political topics – so that we can engage with them across European borders. The goal is to offer these projects and ideas a platform to initiate cross-border partnerships. 

There’s a lot planned for Dublin! This year we are taking on the re:connecting EUROPE project, which we initiated at the #rp17 in Berlin (find out more on that in our blog). The reason for this being, that the effects of digitalisation on the economy, politics and everyday life have long been European. That’s why we’ll not only be holding the second #rpDUB from 7 to 8 September 2017 in Dublin, but will move straight on a week later, to Thessaloniki for the first #rpTHE, which you are invited to attend from 11 to 13 September 2017.

So let’s network from north to south! If you’re interested then please get in touch at fernanda(at)re-publica.de. We look forward to you stopping by and especially to your suggestions and proposals. And thank you to the Federal Foreign Office for their support.

See you soon!