Digitizing the Greenery as well

Together with the International Garden Exhibition (IGA), we presented you with a preview of the gardens in the outdoor area at the #rpTEN last year, inviting you to take the time to relax there. This year, we want to show you how technology and nature fit together in the Digitizing the Greenery track at the #rp17.

Sensors, software, connectivity – these are all potential driving forces and tools in a green technology revolution for more sustainability. Why not focus on the optimisation of benefits instead of production and thereby lower the resource consumption?

These are just some of the questions that our speakers at the #rp17 will be dealing with. Among them we have Andreas Unteidig, for example, who will be working out the connection between the right to the city and the right to the internet in his talk “Digital Commons, Urban Struggles and the Right to the City?” Simon Kowalewski, on the other hand, will be dealing with the “Urban Exodus of the Nerds”. He wants to highlight pragmatic and creative solutions for how to get accessible, high speed internet in the countryside. Above all, he wants to convince us that you don’t need some 50 clubs and 300 cafés, all within a 10 minute fixie ride, to survive.

A new addition this year is the expansion of our cooperation with IGA beyond the re:publica itself. Between April and August, on the last Thursday of the month, we will be holding a symposium on-site at the IGA. You can look forward to inspiring impulses on Digitizing the Greenery here too.

The first symposium takes place on 27 April. Beginning at 5 p.m., you can explore the IGA grounds and then catch the event series’ opening keynote on modern urban development at 6:15 p.m. Later, Philipp Wondara will be presenting his “IPGarden”. Without giving away too much: it’s a digitally monitored and controllable garden. Pretty cool.

Another highlight will be the “Garden and Home Blog Award”, which will be presented on 29.04. Claudetta Böttcher, finalist in the “Interior” award category, will be presenting her “doitbutdoitnow” blog. We’re also looking forward to Michael Hermes from “Blumen - 1000 gute Gründe” (Flowers – 1,000 good reasons), the award sponsor; Karina Nennstiel, editor at “Mein schöner Garten” (My Beautiful Garden), and Folkert Siemens, deputy editor-in-chief and Head of Digital Content at the Burda Verlag.

The first symposium will take place in the visitor’s centre at the International Garden Exhibition. The number of tickets are limited to 200 and are purchasable on-site for 10 Euro.

You’ll be taking the ropeway up to the Wolkenhain to get to all of the following symposia! The Wolkenhain is the new observation platform on the IGA grounds, which you can see in the article picture above. It stands atop the Kienberg, high above the treetops. Meaning that, besides the interesting topics, you can also look forward to an impressive location.

radioneins will be streaming the symposia live, for anyone who won’t be able to make it in person.


Directions to the first symposium:

Entry trough the main entrance Gärten der Welt. The first symposium will take place in the visitor’s centre.

recomended public transport:

nearby stops


or by car

There are no parking spaces at the main entrance Gärten der Welt, therefore please navigate to Berliner Straße/Louis-Lewin-Straße, 15366 Hoppegarten, and use the IGA parking lot. There is a shuttle service, which will bring you to the main entrance Gärten der Welt.  The journey with the shuttle bus takes 15 minutes. The parking fee is 7,00 € for the whole day including the shuttle bus.

Photo credit: Dominik Butzmann