Daimler at re:publica 2017

Daimler Business Innovation will be a primary sponsor of re:publica again this year. With the motto ‘LOVE OUT LOUD’, the conference will focus on alternatives to pessimistic future scenarios.

But we’re already one step ahead. Even now, our vision of the future is colourful, diverse and worth living. That’s because we’re making it that way – with innovative ideas and the pioneering spirit that has accompanied us since the invention of the automobile.

At re:publica, we’ll give participants the opportunity to share in our optimism. During our sessions in the Daimler Business Innovation 360° cinema, we’ll embark on a journey into the future.

We also keep in motion by tapping into new areas of business. After all, if you’re standing still, you’re falling behind. From personalised services and targeted location of a parking space to autonomous driving, car sharing and a comprehensive range of electric mobility, the opportunities are electrifying!

Come and visit us at our stand for a dose of inspiration! You can share your ideas about the future with us and others, and take part in discussions, debates and laughter. Say goodbye to dull shades of grey and hello to a world of colour.

image credit: Daimler