Come to the Round Table: We’ll be in Thessaloniki on 29 May!

We’re hoisting our sails and heading out into new waters. To Greece, to be exact! We want to create new spaces to help network the digital society, as well as hear and exchange ideas coming out of the Mediterranean region. But before the #rpTHE, the first re:publica in Thessaloniki 11 to 13 September 2017, we’d like to come meet you – the artists, activists and founders. Without the participation and backing of the community, the re:publica wouldn’t be the unique event that it is. The date for our first Greek round table is 29 May 2017, beginning at 5 p.m in the ApoDec design studio, Str. Sfetsou 3, Thessaloniki 546 26 (Στρατηγού Σφέτσου 3, Θεσσαλονίκη). By the way here you can find your facebook event

And we’ve got a lot planned! Players, stakeholders and activists already came together at our re:connecting EUROPE-Space at this year’s #rp17 in Berlin (find out more on that in our blog). But we want to expand that vision of a digital Europe, to think a step further and focus on the current challenges through discussing the digital economy in Greece and its neighbouring countries, as well as offering emerging projects a platform to initiate cross-border partnerships. 

Last year in Dublin, we were able to gather great experiences and perspectives at the first re:publica outside of Berlin. With Greece as the birthplace of European culture and Thessaloniki as the intersection to the Balkans and beyond, we have found our southern point of contact for innovative contributions that simply aren’t possible in Berlin in that form. We look forward to you stopping by and especially to your suggestions and proposals! And thank you to the Federal Foreign Office for their support. 

PS: We’ll also be back in Dublin, should that be located more conveniently for you. The date for the Irish round table to kick-off the second #rpDUB is 8 June, beginning at 17:00 at The Stag’s Head, 1 Dame Ct, Dublin 2. 

See you soon!