Calling all Newbies

Is this your first re:publica? Are you excited, a tiny bit nervous, and curious to see who else is there? re:publica is all about connecting like-minded people and giving you the opportunity to find out about the interesting things people are up to.

The conference will be a huge event with more than 8,000 participants, 800 journalists and several hundreds of speakers filling multiple hours of programming. At the same time, re:publica has retained its familiar and informal atmosphere over the years thanks in part to its open environment. We want you to feel welcome and enjoy re:publica right from the start. That's why we would like to invite you to come to our two Newbies Meetups.


On Sunday, 7 May 2017 also known as pre:publica we’ll be meeting up at 4.30 p.m. at the front entrance info point. Keep an eye out for Helene from re:publica holding a “Meet Up @ re:publica” sign. There will be a first little get-together with a relaxed storytelling game to help us get to know each other. From around 5.30 p.m. onwards, you can have a walk around and explore the STATION, maybe have a beer and get talking about blogs, 3D printers, encrypting emails or whatever happens to be on your mind.

At re:publica 2017

On Monday, 7 May the meeting point will be at 2 p.m., at the Main Hall Info Point, with the same friendly re:publica face there to greet you meaning, Helene with her sign. After a quick tour of the event space we will give you an equally quick run-down of how re:publica "works" where to find what, what's behind the different tracks, is there an app for that?, etc.

Afterwards you'll ideally have met some new people, possible friends and interesting folks you can network and possibly drink with and hang on for the next three days. It'll be fun at re:publica!

It would be lovely if you let us know beforehand that you're coming. Just shoot and e-mail to helene(at)re-publica.de to let her know which meetup you would like to join.

We can't wait to meet you!

Photo credit: Fachstelle für Öffentliche Bibliotheken NRW at re:publica (CC BY 2.0)