Tania Vlachomitrou
Founder / CEO

She studied Archaeology but soon she realized she wasn't exactly cut out for it. So she got a Master's degree in Museology & Cultural Management and later on her license as a tourist guide. She has collaborated with museums, cultural institutions, art festivals and educational organisations as museum educator, curator and project manager.  In 2013 she co-founded a cultural startup which offered alternative themed walks in Thessaloniki (Greece), introducing an innovative way to discover the city. Three years later, she decided to go one step further and started exploring how you can communicate narratives so that modern independent and digitally savvy travelers can engage with each place's unique story in a humancentric way. Then she founded another startup: In the Loop - premium curated walks, which is Thessaloniki's first self-guided tours app (android & iOS). Combining digital efficiency with human intelligence and modern interpretive approaches of a city's past and present, In the Loop aims to create immersive experiences for the visitors of Thessaloniki.  Still and always on the go, she enjoys creativity and trusts her current perspective, following her vision to see where it will lead her.