Roland Freund
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

As deputy chief editor, Roland Freund (49) is responsible for innovation and product management within dpa’s editorial team. Previously he worked in various positions within the dpa group, in both editorial and management roles. After his studies in Catholic theology, economics and sociology, Freund began at dpa in 1995. Following his traineeship, he worked as a politics and economics editor in Munich. Between 1999 and 2001 he was responsible for developing dpa’s business and new media in southern Germany. In the two years after this, he was managing director at dpa's subsidiary Globus Infographik in Hamburg. Next he took over as manager of the Board of Directors for dpa AFX-Economic News in Frankfurt. From autumn 2007, Freund worked in New York as an economic correspondent. On 1 January, 2010, he then assumed the role of head political editor in Berlin. From July 2010 onwards, now in charge of domestic news, he became a member of dpa’s head editorial team. Most recently, he has led “next”, dpa’s modernization initiative. He has been a deputy head editor since 2015.