Norma Barr
Creative technologist and founder

Norma Barr is co-founder of DimensionAlley, a 3D printing service and product creation lab in Berlin. She considers herself to be a 3D printing creative technologist, or Wallah, using her printers as crafting tools to materialise amazing objects from spare parts to comets. Norma made the transition from 3D printing start-up company to local printing service pioneer when she, together with partner Amin Torabi, opened the doors to their 3D printing store in 2013. “We are so inspired by people’s reactions to 3D printing. Many are still seeing printers for the first time in action and are amazed that we can show them how to design and materialise their own objects in such a short time. I really enjoy giving inspiration to all types of people by demonstrating how additive manufacture helps them realize their creative concepts and can improve their workflow and product development.”   In 2016 Norma began a collaboration with Elektrocouture in Berlin and has been bringing 3D printing into wearbale fashiontech ever since. From printing photoshop patterned materials in compostable flexible filament to complete 3D printed garments, together they are helping to define the space for 3D printing in the wearable world.