Maximilian von Grafenstein
Researcher "Data, Actors, Infrastructures"

Maximilian von Grafenstein LL.M. is head of research “Data, Actors, Infrastructures” at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), partner at the law firm iRights Law and runs the legal tech company "Innovation and Law". Max works as a lawyer since 2010 specialising in internet technology law, intellectual property law, and media law. His research focus lies on the regulation of innovation. In 2013, he founded his first startup, a mobile app providing location-based documentaries based on augmented reality technology, and run, in the last three years, the HIIG Startup Law Clinic helping more than 100 entrepeneurs to meet the legal challenges they face during their innovation processes. Max holds an additional masters degree in international intellectual property and internet technology law, and is expert group member of several Big Data research projects funded by the German Government.